Flesh and Blood Monarch Blitz Deck


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Ready-to-play out of the box, Monarch Blitz decks are designed to be a perfect introduction to Flesh and Blood, and suitable for new and experienced players alike.

Prism (Light Illusionist) – Scholar of Light, conjure the mighty Heralds of Sol to strike down the enemy and illuminate the land of Rathe.
Boltyn (Light Warrior) – Charge! Take your place at the head of the vanguard, and let your valiant soul light the way for those who follow.
Levia (Shadow Brute) – Devour everything to unleash your inner Shadow, as you wrestle to control the all consuming power.
Chane (Shadow Runeblade) – Do not fear pain, disciple; for the Shadow arts of Arcana give in abundance more than they take.

Sealed Pre-built Deck. Price is for 1 deck. Deck selection required for checkout.

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Prism (Light Illusionist), Boltyn (Light Warrior), Levia (Shadow Brute), Chane (Shadow Runeblade)

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