Flesh and Blood Monarch Booster Box (1st Edition)


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Darkness, the canvas of the universe. Light, the brushstroke of creation. A forbidden power hungers to eclipse existence, wiping the canvas clean. The soul of Rathe stands resolute, a ray of hope to the artisans of civilization.

Perfect for a collector, or a fun game night of drafting, each Monarch Booster box comes with 24 booster packs. That’s enough to support one 8 person draft pod, or 4 sealed deck players!

Monarch is a standalone booster set with 307 cards (306 new cards + Cracked Bauble), designed for incredible Booster Draft, Sealed Deck, and Classic Constructed play.

Sealed Booster Box containing 24 booster packs.

Weight 26 oz
Dimensions 5.5 × 5 × 3 in
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