Two Pair Collectibles – Pokemon Bulk Rates & Policy

In Store Drop Off:

1. All Pokemon bulk submissions must be NEAR MINT and sorted based on bulk rates (i.e. commons, uncommons & trainers are counted together as one rate; any foil card, including holo rares and reverses of any rarity, are counted together as one rate). Unsorted bulk will be paid out at the current C/UC/T rate.

2. Your Pokemon bulk must be counted at the time of drop off. You may use our play tables to count your bulk, if available. If you would like us to assist in counting your bulk, there will be a 20% processing fee subtracted from your bulk payout.

3. Pokemon bulk submissions will earn an additional 15% for selecting Store Credit.

4. We do not accept Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, or any other TCG cards as bulk at this time.

Tips For Mailing Your Bulk:

⁃ We recommend wrapping bulk in stacks of 100-200 using small plastic bags or saran wrap.
⁃ USE LOTS OF TAPE on your box to reinforce edges, or it may burst in transit! We are unable to pay for damaged bulk!
⁃ Consider using USPS Large Flat Rate to ship large amounts of bulk (fits about 7,000 cards and ships for $22)

Please mail your packages to:

Two Pair Collectibles
8168 Elliott Rd. STE B
Easton, MD 21601


Two Pair Collectibles is not responsible for bulk submissions that are damaged in transit. Please pack your cards with care! You will NOT receive payment for damaged bulk. Damaged cards will be disposed of at no cost, or returned to the sender with return shipping to be paid by the sender.


Print out a copy of this form BEFORE submitting and include it in your shipment so we know who to credit when it arrives! Allow 7-10 business days after delivery for processing. Cash payouts will be sent via PayPal. Store credit will receive an additional 15% value as either an in store gift card or online store coupon code.

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