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Please read these instructions before submitting your form!

Step 1: Shipping Options

Claim sale cards can be shipped for free if you have a bag with MeganAsteria or Likebutterlive. Select the option from the drop down menu to add these cards to an existing bag with either streamer. If you do not have a bag with either streamer, select “I do not have a bag with either”. You will be charged for shipping at the end of the claim sale. Shipping options include:

1. Economy PWE (Plain White Envelope) – $1, no tracking – can fit up to 8 cards. Cards will be sleeved and sent in a TPC Card Saver.
2. Bubble Mailer (USPS) – $4, includes tracking – recommended for bulky orders (10-50 cards) or expensive cards.
3. Priority Box (USPS/UPS) – $15, includes tracking – necessary for sealed product, CCG supplies such as binders, etc.

Step 2: List Your Purchases

Please list the cards or items you’re buying. Card names/numbers do not need to be exact. This just helps us verify your order and ensure accuracy.

Step 3: Enter Your Total

At the end of the Claim Sale, enter the exact total as instructed by MeganAsteria on stream. Your total should include any shipping costs, if necessary. During the checkout process, enter coupon code “CLAIMSALE” so that you are not charged additional shipping fees.

Please do NOT use this form for any other reason!

Do you have a bag with MeganAsteria or Likebutterlive?

MeganAsteria, Likebutterlive, I do not have a bag with either, I'm buying sealed product/supplies

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